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This week has been a hard one for me. With our due date approaching the heart has been crumbling into a million pieces. I’ve had a dreadful couple of days but seem to slowly be coming back to a functioning level. My shield is currently rebuilding but it is taking all the strength I have. I wish it holds together come Monday (and all the days thereafter). With such an emotionally draining week this package from Emily at Perk Naturals could not have come at a better time.

I’ve seen Perk growing at an exceptional level via social media and I instantly fell in love with the company. I’ll be completely honest, the branding absolutely swept me. It’s just so feminine, clever and plain attractive to the eye (kudos to the designer on that one *insert applaud here*)! As I began to follow Perk and read more about the company I realized it truly was a company I’d fall in love with. A 100% natural and 100% vegan line that aims to make you fall in love with your skin again. Everything is so “bad” for you these days so it’s nice to have full confidence in a product line that you’ll be putting on your skin. Not to mention, the owner also does a very good job of educating you on the importance and benefits of certain ingredients which keeps you educated and entertained.

Emily Stencel is actually an organic beauty care graduate who has been making scrubs for a long time but after experiencing major skin sensitivity and not finding a solution anywhere, she decided to create her own. So Coffee First came to life. This is probably my favourite… actually I don’t have a favourite, as I truly love them all, but this is the one I use the most. I must admit, I don’t use a scrub often so my skin was so thankful for the treatment. I’ve used it as a facial scrub a few times at night and in the morning to Perk up my skin after I shed a lot of tears. It absolutely helped in keeping redness down, swelling down and making my skin feel more energized. I also use this as a full body scrub when I shower (a couple times a week) as I love the ingredients and their benefits (coffee, citrus, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, grape seed oil).

I actually tried the Lavender & Lemon scrub first as an addition to a bath I took to try and calm my over-driven body. WOW! The lavender is a natural calming tool but the other ingredients left my skin feeling SO moisturized when I exited the bath.  You can see the organic lavender buds and jojoba wax beads floating around you. I honestly have not had a sound sleep in months and after this bath I only awoke in the morning when Beau was saying goodbye as he went off to work. This will be my go to natural sleep aid.

Citrus Mistress smells AMAZING! As I opened the bundle I was just hit with a wonderful aroma of healthy goodness. This one is amazing for dry skin and moisturizes tenfold. Emily mentioned that a lot of her pregnant clients love this scrub due to the dry skin they get. It’s also perfect for the winter season when we are all naturally just dried out. She mentioned she will be making some exciting new products in this scent come the new year! I can’t wait!

She also has her signature product “Pucker Up” to help the lips in this dry, cold weather. It smells AMAZING! Full disclosure here… I couldn’t stop “eating” it! I don’t do much to my lips other than your drugstore blistex so my lips felt like a million bucks! In the blogosphere the girls are saying to “put down the Burts bee’s and put up the Perks.”

When opening the bundles I was just so amazed at the quality of the products. I actually assumed the materials packaged would be “dry” and they’d become more scrub like as water touched them in the shower. Boy was I wrong. They all come fully created and are so moist and full of aroma. I recommend putting the amount you wish to use in a small bowl before the shower otherwise your wet hands will mark up the beautiful packaging it comes in.

As a small business owner myself, I find Emily truly inspirational as a young entrepreneur. This line is amazing, the quality is ever present  (truly follows organic standards) and Emily is a doll. She sent ME a Thank You note when I received her package. I can’t wait to see her soar!

This is an amazing Christmas Gift (new, unique AND beneficial). She has two retail shops in Hamilton (Girl on the Wing & De La Sol Yoga Studios) and a beautiful Etsy Shop.

xo Camilla







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