Gift Idea: For an Expecting Mom

Gift idea for an expecting mom

As a pregnant woman my internet browsing focus has absolutely shifted; I am now totally engulfed in all things baby. My nights are spent (when not getting the house in order… have I mentioned we have a huge reno going on?!) reading articles about baby safety, recommendations on… you name it, tips and spending many hours researching what to put on the baby registry. Of course, there is the fun part of finding those absolutely sweet and adorable items that you just can’t resist to add. But that’s just it, my focus (naturally) has been ensuring baby has everything she needs and I’m equipped with enough knowledge/information to raise the little princess that I actually forget about me! Even a few hour getaway to the mall results in being all about baby (last purchase has been nursing bras). This absolutely is not a complaint but just the realization that I can’t really remember when I pampered myself, had some downtime (that didn’t include photography or blogging) or just relaxed and personally, I think I owe it to myself to ensure I don’t forget about me. But insert reality check here…. it’s just not the case. Natural mama instincts kick in and I continue on the baby train with a genuine smile on my face and an innocent forgetfulness about me. Yes it would be nice, but I’ll just pamper myself later, I’ll buy clothes for me next time and I’ll eat that brie cheese wrapped in prosciutto another day(sssssssss).

How many expecting mom’s do you know who do this? Women who are too excited and anxious about the arrival of their little one to actually sit back and put their foot up for a moment? Lots I’m sure! And so this is where you insert The Stork Bag! This wonderfully fun package arrived on my doorstep for me. Naturally I assumed the contents would be something for baby but lo and behold it was a package for me filled with so many goodies! I was so excited as I pulled out each item  (created by other mom entrepreneurs and inventors I must add) and immediately planned when I would use them. This, is the PERFECT gift for your expecting friend. The one like me, who’s engulfed in the excitement and anxiousness of their little one that they forget it’s nice to be treated too.

The Stork Bag is actually a trimester specific bag curated to match each trimester of pregnancy. Each trimester bag is geared to mama’s needs during that trimester. I received the second trimester bag and loved everything in it! The variety was so fun. I received the most hilarious pregnancy book on the planet, a box of organic mama tea, pregnancy treats, body butter for stretch marks, pregnancy safe nail polish, bump bows (crossing my fingers I don’t need these but they are super cute if I do), natural deodorant (I was JUST researching this the other day) amongst a handful of other fun things (don’t want to spoil it all). I absolutely would recommend surprising your pregnant bestie with one of these when her bump arrives. You can purchase The Stork Bag seperately by trimester or you can do their subscription where mama-to-be will receive a new bag in each of her trimesters automatically. Sidenote to my fellow canucks: there are quite a few items that are from companies that don’t actually ship to Canada so that was a super bonus in my opinion as I went to buy a couple of things once I checked out their site and couldn’t.

MommyMaidd recently launched the PostBump bag, and although I haven’t experienced it…. yet 😉 I no doubt would like to!

Happy Spoiling.



Gift idea for an expecting mom

Gift idea for an expecting mom

Gift idea for an expecting mom

Gift idea for an expecting mom

Gift idea for an expecting mom

      This post was made in collaboration with MommyMaiDD, all opinions are my own
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