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Newborn Baby Wearing: Soothe Shirt

Baby Wearing. Soothe Shirt.

Since the very first moment little Olivia was born, she needs to be in your arms. All mamas know it’s tough getting anything done with a little babe in your arms but Olivia is particularly picky and also refuses to lay down on her back in your arms. She has to be in an upright position at all times (I believe its due to her breech utero position) which makes mastering the one handed chore completion technique near impossible with a wobbly little head. All hail the Soothe Shirt by Lalabu!

I had know idea I would be such a baby wearer and also couldn’t predict that I would not be able to master the fabric wraps that you find all over the marketplace that look so easy and snug. For me, they are not! I was constantly fighting with metres of fabric which ended up tangling me up and leaving baby uncomfortable. Honestly, the Soothe Shirt is a lifesaver. It’s stylish, comfortable for me and for baby as well as being so easy to use! I just put Olivia’s legs in the newborn position (also known as froggy legs) and voila she’s snug as a bug and happy in my arms.

When Olivia was brand new I did feel more comfortable supporting her head with my hand if I was moving a lot but she was so snug I didn’t really need to (it does have a head support flap). Now that she’s 11 weeks her neck rests perfectly supported within it and I am totally hands free. The thick high quality fabric makes me feel safe (it also provides enough support to be sans bra).

I highly recommend this shirt for all new mamas. Not only will it allow you some “freedom” while keeping baby close but there are so many benefits to baby wearing; including helping with breastfeeding. You can read all about the them here. Not to mention, purchasing a shirt helps mothers in Africa get a head start in business.

To get a Soothe Shirt of your own (FREE shipping to U.S and Canada) or learn more about them, head on over to Lalabu.

Happy Baby Wearing <3



ps- I actually wrote this post with Olivia in our Soothe Shirt!
pss- Of course, this post gives you a sneak peak into her girly nursery which has been under wraps. We just have a few things to hang (including the adorable dream catcher you can see a glimpse of) and it’s complete and ready to be shared!

Baby Wearing. Soothe Shirt. Baby Wearing. Soothe Shirt. Baby Wearing. Soothe Shirt. Baby Wearing. Soothe Shirt. Baby Wearing. Soothe Shirt.

Baby Wearing. Soothe Shirt.

Find the Soothe Shirt Here
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  • Reply Jessica Ledford

    This is so great! I have a little one who always likes to be carried! I’m seeing this a lot and it’s such a great idea!

    July 25, 2017 at 11:59 pm
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