Unique Bridesmaid Gift Idea Your Bridesmaids Will Love

Unique Bridesmaid Gift your girls will love

We are back to Wedding Wednesday! It’s been quite hectic over here! Being a stay at home mom while running a business (photography) that’s in peak season with a toddler who doesn’t like to sleep (when I try to work) makes it near impossible to tackle much else. Hence our little blooper of missing last Wednesday.

Camilla___Eric_s_Wedding_Photos___Erika_Alvarenga_Photography_229Camilla___Eric_s_Wedding_Photos___Erika_Alvarenga_Photography_230 This week I wanted to share with you what I think is the most heartfelt bridesmaid gift idea that your girls will love (and actually be excited to receive). That sounds bold, I know, but it’s true! No bridesmaid kit filled with tiny trinkets that will never be used. Instead something that means something, that warms the heart and is tailored specifically to each special girl on your magical day. Camilla___Eric_s_Wedding_Photos___Erika_Alvarenga_Photography_233Camilla___Eric_s_Wedding_Photos___Erika_Alvarenga_Photography_234 The gift giving was an important element for us when wedding planning. Your wedding party is such an asset to bringing your entire wedding journey to life. They invest so much into your big day that it was important they received something special. For the girls, I knew I wanted something unique and different but also something that was meaningful; as stated above, a gift that meant something. I can’t exactly pin point when I thought of the idea but it was around the time I started really following and admiring Little Lief Creative‘s work on Instagram. The thought of a custom gift for each one of my best friends was exactly what I had in mind and a painting was exactly it!Camilla___Eric_s_Wedding_Photos___Erika_Alvarenga_Photography_235Camilla___Eric_s_Wedding_Photos___Erika_Alvarenga_Photography_236 As soon as I had decided on giving a custom painting for each bridesmaid I knew exactly what I wanted for each! Leah executed my vision for these perfectly! I was nervous my explanation email for each piece may have been too specific but Leah did not disappoint and delivered exactly what I requested. She even sent drafts to show me progress and get my approval for completion.Camilla___Eric_s_Wedding_Photos___Erika_Alvarenga_Photography_261Camilla___Eric_s_Wedding_Photos___Erika_Alvarenga_Photography_239 For the bridesmaids who were mothers, I did some digging and found out their favourite images of their children and had them painted by Leah. Bridesmaids with pets received (what I thought were)  the cutest images of their little fur babies. For the bridesmaids without children or pets I just thought a little deeper into their interests, likes and life events and asked for something more unique. Shannon, who is engaged to my brother in law,  loves elephants so I envisioned two elephants in love representing them and their upcoming wedding. So she received a painting of two elephants with their trunks in a heart wearing a sunflower floral crown and sunflower boutonniere which are their wedding flowers. When you see a cactus item you think of my bridesmaid Emilia (kind of like you think of me when you see Flamingos) so that element was easy. Then I also wanted hers to be very feminine, elegant and represent her passion for exploring the world. It couldn’t have been more perfect!Camilla___Eric_s_Wedding_Photos___Erika_Alvarenga_Photography_240Camilla___Eric_s_Wedding_Photos___Erika_Alvarenga_Photography_241 I was so emotionally invested in these paintings that I couldn’t wait for my bridesmaids to open them the morning of. It was my photographer who had to keep reminding me to wait until everyone was dressed to do so. That meant waiting all day; but it was worth it!  I teared up just as much as they did when they opened them. Yes, because tears are contagious but also because in some way those paintings are just as special to me as they are to them. I can’t really describe it but I can say I will  never  forget those moments.

When deciding on your bridesmaids gifts, of course I recommend Leah but if you go a different route I highly recommend tailoring your idea to each of your girls in some way. Bringing meaning to the gift just makes it that much more magical.Camilla___Eric_s_Wedding_Photos___Erika_Alvarenga_Photography_242Camilla___Eric_s_Wedding_Photos___Erika_Alvarenga_Photography_238 BIG thanks to Leah from Little Lief Creative who went above and beyond to bring these to life! You are the absolute best! I must mention that this is not a sponsored post. I am just genuinely a fan of her, her business and very pleased with her talent/work.




Wedding Planner: Katie from The Event Design Co
Photographer: Erika Alvarenga
Custom Paintings: Leah at Little Lief Creative
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