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The weekend was approaching and we were getting SO excited to finally be able to pick up our furbaby; a super cute golden brindle purebred boxer. Luckily our little girl was in the Niagara Region, a place we seem to really enjoy date nights/days. Eric came up with the brilliant idea to have a special night together before we brought our puppy home. I naturally named it our Furbabymoon and boy did we have a hoot.

We arrived around 6pm and checked into our hotel (but not after getting a nice roundabout view of the block as we could not find the parking to our hotel hehe). Our room was AMAZING! A whirlpool suite with a king size bed, where we could see the Canadian falls. We were expecting a city view but to our surprise we had a falls view from the very top floor.

We settled in, cheers’d to our new baby girl and went to dinner. Eric mentioned that a nearby restaurant was a nice spot, as he had visited with his old boss some time ago and recommended we go. The online menu gave the fancy vibe but he was convinced it was like The Keg and we decided to give it a try. Oh goodness, posh it was. As we were ushered to our seats we passed quite a few private booths where the patrons could close themselves in and we immediately thought “what did we get ourselves into.” You can only imagine my reaction when I opened the menu and saw the entrees started around $70! Our meal would have come to a good $300 for an appy, some wine and our meals… FOR TWO! Although we were out celebrating the arrival of our little furbaby, I just couldn’t commit to this restaurant. Eric was so quick on his feet and asked the waitress if there were any vegetarian options (it was a steakhouse). They only had salads and this was enough for the waitress to give us the green light that it was okay to leave. So we made the long trek back to the front of the restaurant, giggling like little kids all the way to Applebees…. where we bought the most expensive entrees on the menu- guilt free!

After dinner we went back to our room where we had the pleasure of watching a beautiful fireworks show right over the falls (link of schedule here if interested). I guess they do this all year round on Friday, Sundays and special holidays. SO COOL! Then, a quick casino visit (my first slot machine I won $2 and change and cashed it out as this was over a 10% return on my money) and a soak in the tub, we were off to bed to awake to our morning adventure of picking up our new baby girl.

The morning was full of excitement! We enjoyed a Starbucks and walked the falls before we left for our true adventure. Eric was so patient with me in finding the ‘perfect’ puppy leash as I did not like the red, black and blue ones we were encountering (of course I wanted pink). After roaming around for an hour I settled on a cute little purple one.

And we were officially off to go pick up Lily. Our hearts feeling so full.









Large Images: Castle Avenue Photography

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