Our Holidays In Photos

I know the holidays are over and we are well into 2015 but I just couldn’t pass up sharing our wonderful holiday season. It really was wonderful, filling and busy (but I wouldn’t want it any other way).

Christmas Eve afternoon our little household had our Christmas where both Beau and I spoiled each other rotten. We then headed to his parent’s home for Christmas Eve celebrations. I left around 11pm to sleep over at my family’s home so I could be present at the crack of dawn when my little brother woke up to see the loot Santa brought (he’s 12). Beau joined us at 8am. That afternoon we were back at the Thibideau’s for dinner and the next day we were back at my parents for another delicious meal. It was SO NICE spending so much time with family.

New Years Eve consisted of a bunch of friends heading up to a cottage to ring in the New Year. The boys watched the big hockey game while the girls prepped the unreal Fondue dinner and dessert. It was seriously so fun mingling amongst the best of friends while patiently waiting for each piece to cook. We then played some serious games, laughed a lot and ended up tobogganing on the property. I have not laughed that hard in a long time. From the toes up I giggled and giggled. We came in just in time to warm up and count down to 2015. The host had the fabulous idea to create a champagne countdown. She made a sparkly numbered glass for each guest and poured a bit of champagne into each. Since there were 20 of us our BIG countdown started at 20. We each took a numbered glass and then for each number yelled during the countdown, that person had to drink their champagne. It was such a neat spin on the regular countdown. Seesh, What a blast.

HAPPY 2015!

xo Camilla

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  Winter Wonderland. Winter Outfit. Winter Pom Pom Hat. Tobogganing.    Winter Wonderland. Winter Outfit. Winter Pom Pom Hat.
Photography: Castle Avenue Photography
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