DIY Pregnancy Announcement

What’s a blog without sharing some DIY ideas. Especially pregnancy announcements as it seems most couples are ready for this next step. {Please remember we are NOT currently expecting as shared HERE}

I personally love thinking of creative ways to give gifts or share news, so when I found out we were expecting Baby #2 I immediately started brainstorming my plan to tell Beau. I just can’t swallow solely showing a positive pregnancy stick. Although it is exciting to see the lines, I need it to be much more magical. With Liam I bought a teeny little golf polo and with sparkly letters (see a trend?) wrote out “Future Little Thibideau Golfer.” Beau’s reaction when he opened it up was so beyond priceless; I will never in my life forget it.

This time around I had to do something different. So while he was away I got busy setting up and creating my little idea. I immediately knew I wanted pink and blue helium balloons and worked my idea from there. My vision was to have them floating in our dining room with a banner that said we were expecting. My plan was a bit kaboshed when I realized we have a popcorn ceiling in there. So I went to a space which didn’t (my little photography “studio”). This ended up being the perfect little place as I could tuck my idea away and wait for when Beau came home. Luckily this space is also the entrance to our backyard so I knew he would have to step foot in it eventually.

My banner took more brainstorming as I was stuck on doing bunting. I had all kinds of paper to use. I’m not sure how but all of a sudden I thought little newborn diapers would be much cuter and then it all came together  (with the clothes pins etc).

Naturally the minute Beau came home I was antsy pantsy for him to see my surprise. Over and over again I hinted that perhaps Lily needed out. Fiiiiiiinally, he let her out and TADAAAA. He saw this. Another perfect reaction.

Unfortunately, as you all know from my last post, we lost the pregnancy. But at least I’ll be able to share another DIY pregnancy announcement when the time comes.

How did you share the news with your significant other?

xo Camilla



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