Budget Friendly Valentine Date Ideas

Here we are a few days before one of my favourite events of the year… Valentine’s Day! Yeah, yeah, I know what some of you will say; that it’s a hyped up day full of pressure, superficialness (is that a word?) and just intended purely for commercialism. You’ll even go as far to say you hate it (when deep down you know you’d smile if someone gave you a thoughtful card or a bundle of flowers (doesn’t have to be the 400% marked up roses people. There are hundreds of beautiful variations of florals)). Nonetheless,  I say, you’re entitled to your own opinion and nothing negative you mention will ruin my excitement for it ;). Plus you could say all those same things about Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter and even Birthdays if you lose yourself amongst the negativity you’ve created or just focus on what the TV is telling you.

I just love love and all things romance. So I find Valentine’s Day to be a really fun time! Yes, I agree that one day of a whole year is not enough to show your significant other you care. It is important to show thankfulness, thoughtfulness and love throughout the year. But this one day of the year is set out to simply celebrate love. A dedicated day to go that extra mile and to just take a moment away from the hustle and bustle of every day life and share dedicated time together. I’m not even referring to the expensive dinners, over the top jewellery or “only roses” rules that are portrayed as Valentine’s Day (THAT is commercialism my friends) BUT to doing something from the heart and spend time together. With just a side of “extra effort.” A homemade dinner is wonderful but what if we just put some “extra effort” and dangled a few hearts from the ceiling, or sprinkled some rose petals on the floor (you can make them!) or wrote a little letter, with a pen, from your heart, how much would your heart explode! It’s not about presents, it’s about thought. And to be honest, it’s rare to pull out all the stops (like the details mentioned above) during the year unless your celebrating something, so having a day to celebrate love makes sense to me!

I am usually a crazy Valentine’s planner creating things like scavenger hunts with rhymes getting you to each location of heartfelt surprises, decorating the house with homemade dangling hearts or giving a gift that is purely sentimental and that no one else would understand. But this year both Beau and I have decided we will simply be experiencing the day together (apart from my clever/funny little way of asking him to be my Valentine shown in the photos below!). We have plans to just have fun together. If that ends up including a dinner that costs more than we’d usually pay, then so be it, we don’t do it every day, but that’s not where we aim. We are aiming to enjoy each other’s company, to talk, to laugh and to just have fun while we do something different. All in the name of love.

Some Budget Friendly Valentine’s Day Ideas
1. Winter Picnic (I seriously LOVE picnics).
2. Go on a hike together, play in the snow, and pop some champagne once you’ve hit a nice location.
3. Try a new recipe together and eat it under candlelight. Use your imagination for dessert or visit the Stag shop.
4. Take a drive and explore a nearby city or town. Luckily for us Toronto is nearby and offers some amazing little areas but we also are close to many rural/vintage locations.
5. Leave love notes around the house. They can share memories, compliments or goals together.
6. Create a couple vision board. Set goals to tackle your dreams together.
7. Put on some ice skates and head to your outdoor rink (followed by some hot chocolate).
8. Be kids (make a fort and watch movies you both like underneath with unlimited snacks, have a nerf gun fight etc).

The possibilities are endless. Most importantly, be present!

xo Camilla
Valentines Day Message Ideas. Budget Friendly Valentines Day Date Ideas. Valentines DIY. Valentines Day Ideas.

Valentines Day Message Ideas. Budget Friendly Valentines Day Date Ideas. Valentines DIY. Valentines Day Ideas.

Valentines Day Message Ideas. Budget Friendly Valentines Day Date Ideas. Valentines DIY. Valentines Day Ideas.

Valentines Day Message Ideas. Budget Friendly Valentines Day Date Ideas. Valentines DIY. Valentines Day Ideas.

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  • Reply Lauren

    Oh – and you’re adorable! ♡

    February 23, 2015 at 8:14 pm
  • Reply Lauren

    I totally love these ideas – especially to help ward off those pesky winter blues. I’m not super into the hype of Valentine’s Day (though I do love any excuse to sneak pink into our decor) but these ideas are fantastic to perk up a date night. It is way to easy to enjoy movies in bed with trackies weekend after weekend, I’ll be keeping these in mind! ♡

    February 23, 2015 at 8:14 pm
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