DIY Gallery Wall

Printable Gallery Wall in Dinding Room

There just may be a positive hiding in all the stress of selling a home; projects get finished. This one in particular is not exactly as I envisioned but I love the finished product for the sale of our home. I will be tweaking it back to my original plan in the next home. But for now, I am quite happy with it.

A few years ago (yes years), I came across this gallery wall on pinterest and seriously fell in love. My brainstorming immediately commenced of how I could incorporate it into our home. In the blink of an eye, I had our dining room planned in my head. Luckily Beau gave me full reign.

My true vision was to have the entire dining room a WHITE oasis. Everything and everything stark white. I painted the walls the perfect white (paint right of the can, not mixed). Bought all the white frames (not exactly as my inspirational image but they were a dollar store steal) and the white hanging light fixture. I even found a vintage rectangular table which we started the task of getting it white and was on the hunt for the perfect chairs to go with it (end chairs different then the other four).  The frames would have my favourite family images printed in black and white. The centrepiece on the table would be the only colour I would have had in the space (probably just fresh flowers). MAYBE a table runner in silver.

The vision changed entirely when our house was about to go on the market. I had to do something and FAST! Beau had already hung all the frames for me but they all hung with the original image of the tashmahal HA. As we all know, when selling, you have to make the space looked lived in but with no overly personal items. So I decided beautiful printables would be a good alternative to my black and white family photographs. I chose the navy and royal blues to give the room some life (and because my living room already had a lot of mint). I used wrapping paper, free printables from awesome blogs and created my own in Word Publisher (But first, coffee). Oh, and you’d never know but I printed them all on regular white 8.5×11 paper at home. Easy Peasy. Of course, I snuck in a little Flamingo hehe.

Although this wasn’t my original intention with the frames or the space (the retro dining set included), it definitely works for a short term spruce up.

What do you think?

DIY Gallery Wall. Free Printables

DIY Gallery Wall. Free Printables

DIY Gallery Wall. Free Printables

DIY Gallery Wall. Free Printables

DIY Gallery Wall. Free Printables

DIY Gallery Wall. Free Printables

DIY Gallery Wall. Free Printables   
DIY Gallery Wall. Free Printables

Sources: Top to bottom. Left to Right

1. Homesense Wrapping Paper 2. Pineapple  3. Feathers 4. Homesense Wrapping Paper
1. Anchors 2. But First, Coffee (I made this one) 3. Black and White Stripes 4. Wish Bone
1. Flamingo 2. Dalmation Spots (Currently obsessed with this pattern!) 3. Anchor  4. &

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  • Reply Jess Amazing

    Wow, that looks superb!

    Thanks for using my anchors printable; I love seeing what people do with them! (And thanks for the link back.)

    April 2, 2015 at 5:14 pm
  • Reply Lauren

    Wowie! Lookin’ good. I’ll admit, I did sneak a peek when your place was listed lol. It’s so true how different occasions can light a fire under our “bottoms” to get things done that have been loitering on our to-do lists for far too long! For you, selling your house. For me, anytime my mother in law is coming over lol. But seriously, I always cross off a bunch of projects and finishing touches before a dinner party or event like a shower. Incentive is a must! I can’t beleive you found those frames at a dollar store, quite the score. And those free printables are a great way to spruce up a space on a budget. Though I’ll miss seeing your travels to the Taj Mahal! 😉

    March 25, 2015 at 9:03 am
    • Reply Camilla

      🙂 My heart bursts with your constant support.
      Luckily, we don’t really get unplanned visits from anyone so I don’t have the frantic cleans to worry about ;).
      Yes, the dollar store definitely came through this time around!
      Free printable are SUCH a fun way to spruce things up!

      March 27, 2015 at 10:53 pm

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