32 Weeks

*Beau got home late and this mama was way to tired to do pictures.  Here’s the update anyways*

How far along?  32 Weeks. 8 months!
Baby is now the size of: Head of Lettuce
Gender: GIRL!
Movement: She’s been pretty active. I haven’t yet been able to video a remote control being thrown across the room or anything but she’s moving away.
Food cravings: This week I ate way too many of those no name decadent chocolate chip cookies! First I bought the ice cream sandwiches of the brand but when Beau said we could make them for way cheaper I did that. I made a measly four sandwiches and then ate the rest of the bag. When I went to Walmart for spray paint, they didn’t have any of the kind I wanted, so I opted for some rainbow chips ahoy. It’s been a chocolate chip cookie kind of week (and not the soft freshly baked ones, they have to be the hard store bought ones!).
Purchases: Little babe’s uncle was SO generous to get us her car seat so we just purchased an extra base for ease. I also made the trek to Ikea to purchase a piece for her nursery that has become a DIY project that Beau has his eyes rolling at (I don’t think boys understand ‘decor’).
Doctor’s Appointment Update: The uterus is measuring on track (up two inches from last week) at just over 31 inches. Blood pressure was okay. Baby is still ‘floating’. Head is down and bum at the top right side but she could be totally different right now. Heart beat is always magic to hear!
Weight Gain: Almost gained a full pound from the last two weeks. Currently weighing 125.8 pounds.
New Symptom: Sore feet. Honestly, they hurt so badly! Almost like a permanent sting or the feeling left after a charlie horse. This is weird because I’ve been sporting supportive running shoes almost the entire pregnancy and with almost every outfit… including skirts (huge fashion faux pas I know)!
Reno Update: The basement apartment is coming along. Gosh, who knew there were so many tasks that seem so easy or quick and actually take SO long! Kitchen gets gutted the week of October 26 and the new install begins! I’ll have to start documenting our progress.


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