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Dog Halloween Costume

I LOVE dressing up and I mean for every occasion (especially if I can incorporate a tutu). Every single holiday or activity that could have potential for a costume, I run with it (themed birthday parties, competitive events, social gatherings and of course holidays). Halloween seems to be a particular favourite because obviously it’s meant just for this!

This year would have been the perfect year to come up with an adorable pregnancy costume as I am sporting quite the bump. But as our life has it right now we’ve been go go go with these darn renovations and I haven’t even had a moment to plan. I’ll be doing something super easy to give out candy this evening but thought I’d share some past ensembles I put together. Be sure that next year we will be sporting an adorable family look!

It all really started in University with a very simple DIY Sailor costume, then I got creative! The images are in order of years (getting better each year in my opinion). I try to be very resourceful when it comes to costumes making sure I only buy things if I have to on the super cheap. You’ll notice a few pieces were reused ūüôā

Sailor Costume: DIY with clothes I owned just adding buttons to the shirt and using glitter glue on the hat.
Snow White Costume: Kids Costume dress where I hemmed the bottom to make it a bubble skirt and added knee high socks, bows and a red headband.
Minnie Mouse Costume: Bought a long evening dress from sears (for $13) and chopped it to desired length. Sewed a cute frilly bottom to it with the leftover material and added a tutu underneath. The ears were also homemade.  I also had a Mickey as a sidekick.
Marge Simpson: One of my most clever! I bought the green fabric from fabric land and literally wrapped it around my body as a strapless dress (NO SEWING!), used christmas beading as a necklace and made the hair from a bucket, bristol board, cotton balls and spray paint. 
Cruella Deville: I think my favourite! I used a dress I wore one year for New Years, borrowed my moms fancy gloves, wrapped myself in fake furry material I had in my craft bin, bought a dalmatian Mcdonalds beany baby from Goodwill and tied it to the same Christmas beading from Marge, bought the cigarette from the dollar store and added red knee highs. The hair is my own which I teased the crap out of and my girlfriend sprayed with costume hair spray.
Cinderella: Bought the dress for super cheap, created a sort of tutu like thing to give it some length underneath, made a choker necklace, added blue ribbon to a headband I had and bought the blue gloves from the Dollar store.
Flamingo: Of course! A flamingo had to be done when my lovely adoration started to get a bit more ridiculous in 2014. Let me tell you I left feathers EVERYWHERE! I am banned from costume making at my girlfriends house by her hubby (I blame her flower girl tutu making session on this one though!) and the party throwers of this Halloween were finding feathers all over their house months after. For this costume, I got an outdated pink bridesmaids dress free from a local bridal shop. It was too big so I cut along the back zipper and super glued velcro along the entire back to basically velcro me in it. I covered it in pink feathers (i bought a handful of boas from the dollar store), borrowed pink tights from a friend, wore pink socks and covered an old hat I had. The yes are made of construction paper.



Halloween Costumes. Amazing Halloween Costume. Clever Halloween Costume. Snow White Costume. Sailor Costume. DIY Costume

Halloween Costumes. Amazing Halloween Costume. Clever Halloween Costume. Marge Simpson Costume. Minnie Mouse Costume. DIY Costume

Halloween Costumes. Amazing Halloween Costume. Clever Halloween Costume. Cruella Deville Costume. Cinderella Costume. DIY Costume. Disney Costume

Halloween Costumes. Amazing Halloween Costume. Clever Halloween Costume. flamingo costume. DIY Costume.

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