Newborn Photography: Olivia’s Newborn Images

Newborn photography. newborn props

As a photographer who captures newborn images for others I actually struggled with my vision for Olivia’s newborn photographs. I just had so many ideas and some were outrageously complicated and others were quite simple (like this shoot).  To solve my dilemma I took images when she was 7, 8 and 10 days old all with different set ups. I couldn’t believe how guilty I felt constantly moving her in different positions and changing her outfits so I felt much better spreading out the sessions. I would have captured her newborn images sooner but we were in the hospital recovering from my C-section for four days and then took a couple days at home to settle in. I did however capture images when she was only 12 hours old which can be seen here but I was still “high” from all the medication required for the C-Section and it’s recovery.  They were taken at my feet at the end of my hospital bed so they aren’t my best work.

I love this collection of images. So soft and sweet. She was 8 days old here and absolute perfection.

xo Camilla


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Photography: Castle Avenue Photography
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