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Eating healthy has always been a priority for me. Yes, I do indulge in fast food, snacks and candy but do live by the “in moderation” theory. I’m certainly not an over indulger and can savour a chocolate bar over a weeks span. It has nothing to do with weight (thank you mama for a fast metabolism) and everything to do with  “you are what you eat.” In University I read a book by Kimberly Snyder and the information always stuck with me. In fact it began my running joke of being a wannabe vegetarian. It’s been a goal and in phases has been followed, but it’s just so damn easy to fall off the tracks.

While pregnant, I was even more health conscious then before. Drinking copious amount of water, sprucing up smoothies with seeds and grains alike, eating as many fresh fruits and veggies as possible and avoiding the microwave were a priority. I was pretty happy with my food selections. As a new mom, everything has been flipped upside down and it is now about survival. Anything quick and easy “will do” these days just to say I’ve actually eaten something, and I hate that! My skin is reacting and it isn’t boosting the energy I SO need. I was looking for a solution.

In comes Meal Angels; a company driven to heal with food. As soon as I came across this company I had to connect with the owner. Man oh man, is his story inspiring! He started the company because he healed himself with food. A very overweight, diabetic middle aged man with more problems than you can list all healed with a plant based diet. A plant based diet can get pretty boring, but on his journey to healing he came up with some amazing recipes that contain nothing “fake.” Unbelievable! His company’s mission is to provide fresh, nutritious, brilliant, real and delicious eating to those who want to become healthier, but may not know where to start. Prepared, ready to eat actual nutrition, to your door, week after week. Month after month. Bring back the amazing health you deserve to own. They seriously do that. Plus, they do all the leg work for you. All their meals are plant based (you’d never freaking know it!) and are pre planned, pre cooked, pre portioned AND delivered right to you. It does not get any easier than that!


During our phone conversation I was just in awe and excitement of getting involved with Meal Angels. A company geared to actually helping people live healthier lives while naturally pulling them away from supporting the billion dollar companies that continuously add addictive, poisonous junk to our foods. Most of us know that what major retailers are selling us isn’t healthy and contain ingredients that make us crave toxic sodium, unnatural carbohydrates, and laboratory sugars, as well as other unnatural substances that we shouldn’t be eating and are probably slowly killing us. A lot of us have also watched the documentaries revealing what actually is allowed in our food but but we just choose to ignore it because its convenient and kind of tastes good (ex: what’s allowed in a bag of milk….PUS from these overworked supply animals is the answer if you didn’t know…. EW!!) .

I was really excited for my first package to arrive. I couldn’t believe the quantity of food! I actually ate a few items practically frozen because they were so delicious! My favourite meals included the Angel Mac (a replica of the American favourite burger), it was SOOO good and even came with a sauce, the nacho “cheez” dip (no diary used!) the rolled oats in banana cream (again no diary) and the apple crisp (which contains ZERO lab sugars! and is plant based!). Honestly how the meals have no packaged ingredients, no meat, no diary and no fake sugar has me blown away.  You’d never know!

Healthy Burger. Vegan Burger. Vegetarian Food. Like a Big Mac

I can’t wait to continue our journey with Meal Angels and hope you give them a try too. They do have a promo going on where you can receive a generous quantity of food (called their sample pack) for $50. It is absolutely worth it and can be found here.

Let me know how you liked it!



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