A Letter to the Mean Girl Behind the Fake Accounts

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Today is National Women’s Day and as life would have it not everyone is about lifting other’s up. More sadly than that, women still feel the need to judge and belittle other women. The question isn’t really why because we all know that jealousy is a powerful emotion and usually the reason one tries to pull people down. The question is what. What is the motivation to proceed on your jealous tendencies? What triggers one to find the need to try and resist one from succeeding?  What does one gain in trying to tear another down? In my eyes, you’re still left being a jealous mean girl and have now made the victim more motivated to become even more successful.

This is an honest and open letter from me to the girl hiding behind her computer with various fake accounts trying to pull me down, trying to stumble me while taking steps toward my goals. Someone in my city, in my circle of acquaintances and sadly, someone I most likely know. I am most certain a wedding vendor I did not proceed to hire for my wedding day.

First of all, it’s not working. Why, because I surround myself with beautiful people. Amazing women, entrepreneurs and friends who stand up for me and don’t get sucked into your life of poor judgment. Why, because they are actually about lifting one another up, about seeing one another succeed about working TOGETHER to tackle life’s goals. Why, because I return these actions to them. I cheerlead for them, support them and be kind to them. Why, because our journey together has been decided together. You’re on the outside cluelessly looking in and making judgements on things you have construed yourself.

Secondly, because I’m now more motivated than ever to grow. To grow this blog, to grow my reach and to grow the relationships I have with the businesses I work with. Thanks to the time you’ve wasted building fake accounts, investigating through my blog posts and ultimately going out of your way to try to convince other’s of how horrible and selfish you think I am, it has actually revealed how powerful working together is. It has revealed to me the friends I have in those who were initially just a business relationship. It has revealed to me that I want to continue to cheer on the go getters and if that means hosting them on my blog, then who are you to stop me… us.

Lastly, it has made me thankful. Thankful to see that I have in fact chosen amazing women to work with and to collaborate with. Thankful for their honesty, support and talent. Thankful to know that they are just excited and positive thinking about being a part of my wedding, this blog; my journey in life.

Princess Lee Roy, Sheena, whatever your next fake account will be, I’m raising a glass to cheers  you on National Women’s Day for this five minutes of fame on my small part of the webosphere you’ve been craving so deeply to have. But more importantly I’m cheers-ing you for allowing me to see how lucky I am.

Now, when you’re ready to ditch the alias, stop messaging anyone affiliated with me and admit you’re actually looking to receive support (in your business that may be struggling),  a high five for what seems like a teeny tiny accomplishment but one that swings you forward, a helping hand or need some more information about something… I’m happy to be the one to LIFT YOU (no princess and no sheena) up. There truly is room for all of us, help pave the way.

Happy National Women’s Day!



PS – This post wasn’t free for me (albeit free for you). It cost me my talent in writing, the fee for this domain, the fee for hosting, the future time to share it on social media outlets (and all that comes with sharing and engaging) but it most importantly, cost me the ENTIRE duration of my little one’s nap which means the exchange of freedom, chore doing and business building. If you’re a mother, you’ll know that nap time is invaluable. So you’re welcome.

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  • Reply Kiki

    Can relate to this, except I know my internet troll and it is such a shame women with insanely jealous tendencies cant let things go or even focus on their own lives. It saddens me that there are people out there who stalk and as you said, belittle, others and dont care for the consequences. Good on you though for staying strong and not letting these negative people affect your life! X

    March 13, 2017 at 7:31 am
  • Reply Katrina

    I fully support this! How sad that bullies still exist. Loving your blog, the more successful you are, the more it KILLS her. I always say success is the best revenge.

    March 12, 2017 at 2:05 am
  • Reply Farida Wahidi

    Such a great blog post girl! It’s so easy for people to hide behind phones and computer screens to bully people. I really enjoyed reading this xo

    March 8, 2017 at 9:53 pm
    • Reply Camilla

      Thanks so much! Although I never want to satisfy a cyber bully, I did feel that I needed to call them out. Let them know that their efforts weren’t working and that I was onto them.

      March 8, 2017 at 11:20 pm

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