Must See Glitter Wedding Invitation

Affordable DIY glitter wedding invitation

Glitter has been my love at first sight since the early days. Elementary school to be exact where I glitterized (a made up word?) an entire game board project in the fifth grade. From that day forward it’s only gotten wor….. better.When people ask what our wedding theme or colours are, I always respond with glitter. I want the day to sparkle. Since I believe the invites set the first impression for your big day, sans glitter was not an option. So I fell down my rabbit hole of researching and planning.

simple wedding invitation with greenery

I initially had my eye on some blush shimmer regular 5×7 pocket folds but once I started seeing square invitations I knew I wanted to head in that direction (this of course was after months of looking through all stationary websites, brainstorming and then drawing up my own version).

Watercolor floral wedding invitation

I’m not sure how it came to be but I landed upon the glitter laser cut pocket folds and couldn’t look back. So now I was at square one with the design as my initial watercolour-floral-laurel-wreath-boho so-on and so-forth idea no longer fit on a small square.

Gold and Pink wedding invitation

My initial vision for the square interior of the invitation was a very simple laurel leaf look but after a friend designed it (perfectly) it just wasn’t “Camilla.” So my late night inspiration hunt continued. Finally one night I stumbled across an invitation with beautiful watercolor florals and I just couldn’t shake not having them! Unfortunately, purchasing their PNG was so beyond any budget I could stretch.

Simple watercolor wedding invitation with glitter laser cut

Leah from Little Lief Creative to the absolute rescue. This seriously talented lady PAINTED a version inspired by what I was looking for and then made it into a computer graphic. I repeat, painted…. Absolute perfection!  I can’t even begin to tell you how lucky I feel to have her beautiful artwork on our invitations. Her stuff is stunning.

Sparkle Laser Cut wedding invitation

To top it off, what I initially sent her was some jumbled up,  puzzle pieced together invitation I made in Apple Pages by copying and pasting elements from other wedding invitations from all over the web, and she gave me this! The whole invitation complete! With every font I could have ever loved in all the perfect tones and positions.

Elegant wedding invitation. Laser cut wedding invitation. Glitter. Watercolor

I tell you, if you’re looking for an artist of any sorts connect with Leah from Little Lief Creative. She specializes in fashion portraits, watercolors, logo design, business card design, custom typography etc. She’s not only super talented, she’s hip and so easy to work with.

glitter and floral wedding invitation

I actually printed the invitations at home and glued them to the pocket fold. The trained eye can tell I printed at home since the ink did smudge the wording (a teeny tiny bit) but I honestly don’t think anyone out of the printing world would notice. I then added a small insert with out wedding website information and viola.


They were then placed inside a blush summer envelope that addressed each guest in beautiful calligraphy by Jess from Barefoot and Boho (which I shared in more detail here) and then stamped with a custom Thibideau stamp (which Jessica offers as part of her services).

Blush and gold wedding invitation

There you have it, an in depth look into our wedding invitations which I am just oh so smitten with. I couldn’t be happier with the entire execution of the invitation. From envelope, calligraphy, glitter, watercolor art and invitation itself, this wedding element has probably been my favourite to date to have come to life (it also probably took me the longest to decide on). Wedding envelope calligraphy

We are less than two months until the big day and now I’m starting to feel like the plate is getting full.




Interior Invitation: Little Lief Creative
Watercolor Florals Painted by: Little Lief Creative
Calligraphy: Barefoot and Boho
Photography: Castle Avenue Photography

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